Whey Permeate (VersiLac®)

VersiLac®is a cost-effective source of dairy solids that can readily replace whey or nonfat dry milk in most formulations. VersiLac® is also an effective tool for reducing costs and lowering usage levels of target ingredients like sodium, sugar, cocoa, or cheese powders.

This agglomerated product has superior flow characteristics, is 100% soluble, blends evenly and is nonhygroscopic.

In controlled research studies focusing on reducing formulation costs, VersiLac® successfully replaced up to 100% of whey powder, lactose, or non-fat dry milk and 10-25% of salt, sugar, cocoa, butter or cheese powder in select bakery, confectionary, savory, and beverage applications. In a number of applications, VersiLac® has also demonstrated exceptional versatility in replacing dextrose, maltodextrin, or corn syrup solids. 

US labeling options for VersiLac® include:

•  Dairy Product Solids
•  Modified Whey
•  Reduced Protein Whey
•  Whey Solids

Canada labeling options for VersiLac® include:       

•  Modified Milk Ingredients


•  SQF (Safe Quality Foods) Level 2
•  Kosher
•  Halal
•  EU Approved